AI Art Generator - Try Free (2024)

AI Art Generator - Try Free (1)

Turn imagination into art. Our text-to-image AI empowers anyone to create attractive paintings, illustrations, and images. Describe what you want, and watch Hotpot bring it to life.

See our AI Headshot Generator to reimagine yourself with AI.

Explore AI Art Gallery for recent creations.

AI Art Gallery

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API Access / Bulk Creation

Add this service anywhere with the Hotpot API or self-hosted containers.

API access requires payment. Contact us for pricing.

No-code bulk creation is also available. Contact us for details.

Creation Tips & Custom Styles

See our for creation tips and custom styles.

Pricing & Licensing

Buy credits for commercial use and shorter wait times. Images created with credits are considered licensed; no need to buy the license separately.

For free graphics, please credit

This product is built on software using the RAIL-M license. In short, be responsible: don't break the law and harm others.

For legal purposes, we store cryptographic hashes of generated graphics -- but not the graphics themselves. This allows us to identify Hotpot creations.

Wait Time

  • Creation takes 20 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the settings. If traffic is high, it may take 2-3 hours for free requests. Paid requests should come back in seconds or minutes.

    For faster wait times, please buy credits. Paid users can skip the line. (Paid users subsidize free use.)

    Waiting sucks. Sorry. We're working hard to fix this.

Art Maker FAQ

  • What do "Make Private" and "Make Different" do?

    Free creations are viewable by the public in our AI Art Gallery. Public creations are anonymous.

    Enable "Make Private" to keep creations out of the public gallery. This subsidizes free users. Paid creations are private by default.

    By default, our AI tries to produce consistent results if you reuse descriptions. "Make Different" tells our AI to act unpredictably. If you reuse the same description, our AI will try to produce different images.

  • Can I create multiple images at once?

    Yes, but only for paid creations. Paid creations can run in parallel.

    Free creations are limited to one at a time. Otherwise, the system will ban you, and other users will dislike you for hogging Hotpot servers.

    This system allows us to support free creations.

    For free creations, wait for the image to return or contact us if the wait time has been exceeded.

  • Can I sell graphics or use them for NFTs?

    Yes, but first buy credits: one license per graphic.

    Second, treat Hotpot as a digital helper who augments your workflow, someone who helps brainstorm and automates drudgery -- but not someone who eliminates the creative process. We cannot guarantee uniquess anymore than Photoshop can. It is possible for someone to produce something comparable with other software, much like any logo or graphic can be reproduced.

    Ultimately, it's your responsibility to make unique graphics and honor intellectual property laws. To make this easier, use our AI Art Remixer to uniquely style creations.

  • Can I close the page?

    Yes. First save the image URL. If you create an account, creations are saved to your account.

    Paid users get more storage. Please buy credits to save all creations.

  • Can you guarantee unique creations?

    No service can guarantee this, but our AI Art Remixer lets you uniquely style each creation. Using custom seed images also increase uniqueness.

    Even if we prevent others from reusing your identical prompt, others may use similar prompts and produce similar results. If another graphic looks 90% the same, is yours truly unique? The safest approach is to treat Hotpot like a digital helper who augments your workflow, someone who helps brainstorm and automates drudgery -- but not someone who eliminates the creative process.

  • What are the terms and restrictions?

    Users must comply with our terms and ensure responsible AI usage. Failure to do so may result in account termination, without recourse for refunds.

    General technology contains the potential for advancement and abuse. Ultimately, history is resoundingly clear: From the printing press to computers, limiting general technology only limits humanity's potential. Human problems must be solved at the human layer, not the technology layer. We hope you contribute toward the solution and use technology to advance society.

  • Is this art?

    Art is not defined by means of production. This is why handcrafted paintings from 1st graders are not considered art while professional illustrators made with Adobe software are. In our founder's opinion, art is an opinion that stirs the soul while elevated art is an opinion that stirs the mind.

    What matters is the opinion, not the means.

    Imagine you hired an art student and dicated every stroke, every color, detail of a painting. Make this angle sharper. Make that line thicker. Add purple. The student robotically executes the commands. Who is the artist: you or the student?

    AI cannot offer this degree of precision today, but it can spark creativity and spawn compelling ideas for refinement, much as a junior employee generates suggestions for an experienced supervisor.

    In short, perhaps raw output from AI may not qualify as art -- someone please consult the spirit of Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart -- but there is no reason why the collaborative output between you and AI cannot.

  • Fine. But is this AI intelligent?

    As our founder asserts, debating intelligence is semantic quicksand and misses the two critical questions: (1) Can people benefit from AI? (2) Can people control AI?

    Intelligence is undefinable -- go ahead, try to define it. :) More critically, intelligence is uncorrelated with impact.

    Viruses are not alive (well ...), let alone intelligent, yet even the Devil envies how these pathogens devastate countries and polarize society. Farm tractors are incredibly dumb (Sorry, not sorry, if you're offended.), but they have enabled humanity to avert Malthusian predictions of doom and fed 7 billion. (Malthus must have been super fun. Friend: "Thomas, good morning!" Thomas: "Bad morning! Might be our last." Wife: "Thomas, fancy a walk? The moon is ever so brilliantly romantic tonight." Thomas: "Bah, madam, bah. I must conserve calories for the Great Famine.")

    Please don't get sucked into the hysteria over AI sentience. The Google model is no more sentient than the Magic 8 ball (which is awesome and predicted you would read this). Shockingly, in the age of clickbait articles and cable hot takes, a shallow attempt to grab the spotlight ... grabbed the spotlight with a scary, but patently false, claim.

  • Will AI replace humans?

    If you believe this, please use Siri. (No, Siri, no! I said check the Warriors score. I did NOT say call my mother-in-law.)

    On a serious note, we see AI more as "augmented intelligence" than "artificial intelligence" -- technology that augments people. Someday, researchers may invent general intelligence and displace humans, but that day is neither today nor tomorow.

    Until then, AI can empower individuals by sparking creativity and automating drudgery. Those who dismiss machine learning overlook how much reptition occurs in human jobs and the creative process, including art and programming.

    Analyze your work activities. How many of them are boring and mundane? If your company hired a junior person to perform those tasks, say 30% of them, freeing you to focus on more meaningful tasks, would you want this? This is AI's dazzling promise.

    Even if general intelligence never materializes, AI dangles the tantalizing prospect of automating laborious tasks for knowledge workers in the same way machines automated laborious tasks for farm workers. These machines were not intelligent and did not eliminate farmers, but they did augment abilities and unlock historic levels of societal gains. Without farming technology, it would be impossible to feed the 7 billion people alive today and somewhere in outrage heaven, Thomas Malthus would be shoving his finger in everyone's face declaring, "I told you! I told you!"

    Frankly, this scenario of augmented intelligence is more feasible and extremely appealing. A world where AI functions independently of humans could usher in an era of unthinkable risk, but one in which AI maximizes the potential of each and every person would introduce unprecedented levels of joy, health, and prosperity.

  • Is Web3 useful technology or a massive scam?

    TBD. Longer answer here.

  • Burgers or fries first?

    Fries, always fries. Duh.

    If you wondered, "Why is this FAQ suddenly asking about fries," dear reader, you lose. You have been outed as non-human, likely an AI robot sent from the future (or maybe a Magic 8 ball with human skin). Expect the FBI to come knocking any moment.

    This famous question from the Stanford psychology department is regarded as the quintessential test of humanity: humans instinctively scream "Fries!" then go buy some, which leads to guilty moments in the gym, which spawns fantasies about burgers and fries, renewing the cycle endlessly. Illogical behavior uniquely defines the human race. The study was published by the distinguished German professor, Fuloff B. Esse, and remains the standard method for how the American government assesses if suspects are human or alien.

    Read the study yourself: the conclusions are shocking and almost impossible to believe.

  • French fries or ice cream? You can only pick one.

    Do not ask mere mortals to do the impossible. This can break people. Aligning ambition and ability is arguably one of life's most important keys, and this is frankly beyond our ability.

  • Can you promote my art or NFT?

    Yes! Please tag us on Twitter and Instagram if you want to show off your awesome Hotpot creations.

    We love promoting people with compelling stories and cool art who collaborated with Hotpot. Tag us, share details about your background, your work, and how Hotpot helped. We'll do our best to amplify your story on social media and with bloggers.

  • I'm on a budget. Can you offer a discount?

    Yes, contact us. Our pricing philosophy is to help the poor and charge the rich.

Research Credit

Hotpot builds on and is informed by many machine learning papers and projects. See here for credits.

AI Art Generator - Try Free (2024)
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