Chandelier Layers Are The Volume-Boosting Haircut To Try This Spring (2024)

Spring is arguably the most anticipated season. After the cold, dark days of winter, it brings a feeling of renewal. With sunshine and warm weather on the horizon, it’s also the perfect time to refresh your look. As you begin to think about a wardrobe sans coats and heavy layers, you should also start considering your beauty moments for the months ahead. Luckily, the spring 2024 haircut trends are loaded with inspiration. This season, the industry is embracing a natural tone.

“As the weather warms, we’ll be seeing a lot less overly styled hair,” says Kelly Macedo, stylist and owner of Interior Hair salon in LA. Instead, she tells TZR it’s all about finding a haircut that is low-maintenance and adaptable to your unique texture. “Recently, people have been leaning into styles that have an ‘undone’ appearance,” she says. Not only do they feel effortless and chic, but they often suit a range of lifestyles. With that in mind, there will be no shortage of bobs and layered looks this spring. While micro-cuts are trending, there are still lots of options for longer lengths.

Ahead, TZR tapped five stylists for the haircut trends that will rule the season. Keep reading for their tips and expert advice.

Choppy Pixies

Bobs of various shapes and lengths are having a moment this spring, but these styles are the training wheels of short cuts. If you’re up for an even bolder look, try a choppy pixie like Jourdan Dunn’s cut featuring piecey bangs reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s iconic crop. For easy styling, keep a non-crunchy pomade on hand, such as Moroccanoil’s Texture Clay. The product will enhance your pixie’s layers for an effortless, tousled finish.

Birkin Bangs

Named after the ‘70s fashion and musical icon, Jane Birkin, these soft, textured full bangs are the perfect accessory for virtually any hair length. However, this fringe style pairs nicely with long, minimally-layered hair for a retro feel. Aside from routine trims, bangs can require a little more styling. A touch of dry shampoo will absorb excess oil in-between washes and revive volume so they’re not laying lifeless on your forehead. Crown Affair’s The Dry Shampoo is a great option for bangs because the brush allows for precise application.

Chandelier Layers

If you’re into the aesthetic of last year’s trendy butterfly cut but want a look that’s a little less maintenance, opt for chandelier layers. You’ll still get ample body and movement without having to cut pieces so short. Like the name implies, the layers are all different lengths like branches of the light fixture.

Blunt Bobs

While it’s true that bobs are season-less, this spring, the cut is going to look sharp and sleek. According to celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos, a blunt style is just one of the many options to choose from. Bobs are usually full of body, but the pro explains that razor-sharp ends have a sleek appeal that’s unexpected for spring. “The shorter length is perfect for warmer weather, and with no layers, this look is easy to style and maintain,” he says.

Another reason this haircut is currently trending is its structure. By nature, it creates a strong shape that elegantly frames the face. Recreating a salon-quality look at home is also a breeze with this particular type of bob. With just a few products, you can have a smooth hairstyle in no time. As Giannetos notes, shiny strands are a must to deliver a super sleek look. He recommends upgrading your hair care routine with a conditioning mask, like Raw Sugar Living's Healing Power Hair Masque, to ensure your hair stays glossy and healthy.

Modern Shag

Over the last few years, shags have made an impressive comeback. From edgy mullets to structured wolf cuts, the look has continued to evolve to fit the trends. This season’s version takes a modern approach to the classic cut. Instead of sharp, choppy pieces, the layers are more defined. Leo Izquierdo, stylist and co-founder of IGK Hair Care, tells TZR that this shag isn’t necessarily softer, but it is more approachable. He explains that the layers serve two purposes here. First, they add texture and dimension to the cut. But they also help to make the shape less aggressive. He recommends choosing a length that falls just below the shoulder to allow for versatility in styling.

Curly Cuts

Curly cuts are finally getting some long due justice. If you have natural curls or coils, spring is the time to lean into a fresh cut. “Embracing your natural textures is one of the season's top trends,” says Macedo. In terms of a haircut, she recommends selecting a style based on your face shape and curl pattern. “You want to choose a style that suits your texture and highlights your facial features,” she says.

In that vein, finding a professional well-versed in cutting curls will be key. “It’s so important to talk to your stylist about your desires when it comes to a curly haircut,” she says. It also doesn’t hurt to have pictures on hand. “Even if the texture differs from your own, a photo can give the stylist an idea of what you're drawn to,” she adds.

Long Layers

While a dramatic cut is freeing, it might not be for you. If you’ve resolved to keep your length this spring, you can still refresh your style. According to Izquierdo, soft layers are the best way to upgrade your current look. “Long round cuts add dimension to the hair and keep it looking healthy,” he says. They’re also easy to maintain with regularly scheduled trims. “As people embrace more relaxed looks, less is becoming more in terms of haircare and styling,” notes Izquierdo. He recommends incorporating hydrating shampoos and lightweight products that keep your hair bouncy.

Curtain Bangs

Bangs are another easy way to change up your look. There are lots of different styles, but lately, a curtain fringe is the supreme choice. “These kind of bangs are cut delicately to frame the face and can easily blend into any hairstyle,” says Izquierdo. Whether you’re opting for a cropped shag or maintaining a longer look, you can’t go wrong with curtain bangs.

They also have lots of versatility when it comes to styling. Jerome Lordet, stylist and owner of his namesake salon in New York City, tells TZR that short hairstyles with floaty bangs are easy to style for spring. “Bows and hair accessories are particularly trendy right now and serve as a fun way to pull the hair back or in an updo,” he says. The addition of face-framing layers just makes the final look that much more appealing.

Micro Bobs

Micro bobs are having a major moment right now. Though the look surfaced during the winter, Adam Federico, hairstylist and vice president of technical education at R+Co, notes that they’re perfect for spring. “Cropped, shorter styles have a boyish charm that makes them stand apart from the classic bob,” he says. Furthermore, he explains that the style works well on a range of textures, including natural waves. When deciding on which type to get, he recommends considering your hair’s needs and typical styling routine. “Embracing texture means you need to have a solid at-home regimen in place,” he says.

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Chandelier Layers Are The Volume-Boosting Haircut To Try This Spring (2024)
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