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  • Mathematics


    Time 45 minutes

    25 Questions

    This is a test of your skills in applying mathematical concepts and solving mathematical problems. Read each question carefully and decide which of the five alternatives best answers the question. Then mark your choice on your answer sheet.

    There are relatively easy problems scattered throughout the test. Thus, do not waste time on problems that are too difficult; go on, and return to them if you have time.

    Work as quickly as you can without becoming careless. Try to answer every question even if you have to guess.

    Mark all your answers on the answer sheet. Give only one answer to each question.

    If you decide to change one of your answers, be sure to erase the first mark completely.

    Be sure that the number of the question you are answering matches the number of the row of answer choices you are marking on your answer sheet. The answer sheet may contain more rows than you need.

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    1 3


    What are the zeros of the function

    f x = x + 2x 2 ?( ) 4 2


    8 and 3

    B. 6 and 4

    C. 4 and 6

    D. 3 and 8

    E. 2 and 24

    What is the sum of

    5x2 + 3x 7 and 12x + 12?

    A. 5x 2 + 15x + 5

    B. 5x2 + 15 x + 19

    C. 17x2 + 3x + 5

    D. 17x2 + 15x + 12

    E. 20x4 + 5

    Aisha has $100 saved from her job. She wants to buy as many charms for her bracelet, at $4 each and earrings at $5 per set, as she can without spending all of her money. The inequality represents her spending, where x is the number of charms and y is the number of sets of earrings.

    4x + 5y < 100

    Which ordered pair ) represents a (x y,combination of charms and earrings Aisha can


    A. (16, 8)

    B. (15, 8)

    C. (9, 13)

    D. (6, 15)

    E. (5, 16)

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  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Which of the following graphs represents the relationship between x and y if y always increases as x increases?

    A. I and IV only

    B. I and III only

    C. III and IV only

    D. I, III, and IV only

    E. I, II, III, and IV




    A restaurant is at 75 percent capacity with 120 patrons. How many people are in the restaurant when it is at 100 percent capacity?

    A. 90

    B. 120

    C. 160

    D. 200

    E. 280

    Ms. Lund placed a 7-foot ladder against a wall with the base of the ladder 4 feet (ft.) away from the wall. She decided that a different, 10-foot ladder needed to be used. If Ms. Lund wants the longer ladder to rest against the wall at the same angle as the shorter ladder, about how far away from the wall should she place its base?

    A. 5.7 ft.

    B. 6.0 ft.

    C. 7.0 ft.

    D. 8.1 ft.

    E. 17.5 ft.

    Several students are going to ride their bikes from the city park to Lake Kegonsa, a distance of 25 miles. They will ride at an average rate of 10 miles per hour. What is the latest time they can leave the park in order to arrive at the lake by 11 A.M.?

    A. 7:30 A.M.

    B. 8:00 A.M.

    C. 8:30 A.M.

    D. 9:00 A.M.

    E. 9:30 A.M.

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  • 1 i E. x =


    1 D. x =


    1 2i 1C. x =


    1 i B. x =


    1 i A. x =



    Question 8 refers to the following information.

    The graphs below show the total value (in U.S. dollars) of the imports and exports of Country W with its only three trade partners, Countries X, Y, and Z, in a recent year.


    What percent of Country Ws total imports was from Country X?

    A. 20

    B. 25

    C. 33

    D. 40

    E. 50


    23x 2x + =4 0 ?What is the solution to






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  • s C. a = 60


    1 E.


    1 D.


    1 C.


    1 B.


    1 A.


    s 60 B. a =


    s 60 A. a =



    10 12

    An artist has all her paintings framed with a 3-inch-wide border. She has a painting to be framed that is 1 foot by 1.5 feet.

    Which of the following measurements represents the perimeter of the painting with the border?

    A. 2.5 feet

    B. 3 feet

    C. 5 feet

    D. 6 feet

    E. 7 feet

    It takes 1 bag of chocolate chips to make 72 cookies. How many bags does it take to make 18 dozen cookies?

    A. 2

    B. 3

    C. 4

    D. 6

    E. 36



    Each time a coin is flipped, it has a 50% chance of landing on heads and a 50% chance of landing on tails. The coin will be flipped 3 times. What is the probability it will land on tails all 3 times?

    An electronics store offers to finance the purchase of any single item with zero interest for one year, with a down payment of $60. The rest of the purchase price will be split evenly into four quarterly payments. Which of the following equations represents the relationship between the amount, a dollars, of each quarterly payment and the purchase price, s dollars, of an item under this offer?


    D. a = 4s 60

    E. a = 4s + 60

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  • 35 D.


    8 C.


    1 A.



    14 16

    Let g x( ) = x 1. 2 What is the average rate of

    change of the function from x = 3 to x = 6?

    B. 2

    E. 9

    Which expression gives the distance between point S and point T ?


    2 2A. 10 + 11

    2 2B. 6 + 3

    2 2C. 4 + 7

    2 2D. 2 + 8

    2 2E. 2 + 1

    Melody is making a spinner with a 12-inch diameter for a game. She will divide the following spinner into sections.

    What is the area, in square inches, of section C?

    A. 144p

    B. 36p

    C. 4.5p

    D. 3.2p

    E. 0.8p

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  • 1,000

    E. h =



    D. h =


    1,000C. h =


    1 D. L = 10t +


    1 A. L = t + 10



    17 19


    A lighting designer created a program for the opening of a stage show. When the show starts, 10 lights are on. Every 30 seconds, 1 more light comes on. If t is time in minutes and L is the number of lights that are on, which function best models the number of lights that are on after t minutes of the stage show?

    B. L = 2t + 10

    C. L = 30t + 10

    E. L = 10t + 30

    A radio station ordered hats and coffee mugs to give away as prizes. A total of 1,000 of these items were ordered, and 3 times as many coffee mugs were ordered as hats. In which equation does h represent the number of hats ordered?

    A. h = 1,000 3 ( )

    B. h = 1,000 4 ( )


    Volunteers are needed to do a total of 60 hours of work at a concert. The shortest volunteer shift is 2 hours, and the longest is 3 hours. Which inequality shows v, the number of volunteers needed?

    A. 20 v< > 30

    B. 20 v< < 30

    C. 20 v 30

    D. 20 v 30

    E. 20 v 30

    Jenna bought some apples for $1.25 per pound and some avocados for $4 per pound. Altogether, she spent $14.25 for 7 pounds of apples and avocados. What is the total number of pounds of avocados Jenna bought?

    A. 1

    B. 2

    C. 3

    D. 4

    E. 5

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  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    21 22

    Khalid is 56 years old. Cathleen is 6 years older than Brody.


How many questions do you have to get right to pass the HiSET math test? ›

Scores will be reported on a scale of 0to 20 for each of the 5 subtests. Passing the whole test will require a total of 45 points (average of 9) with no single subtest scoring below an 8.

What should I study for the HiSET math test? ›

What's on the HiSET: Math
  • Performing number operations to solve problems.
  • Solving word problems.
  • Understanding proportions and percentages.
  • Interpreting graphic representations of data.
  • Finding averages.
  • Understanding and performing operations with algebraic expressions.
  • Solving linear and quadratic equations.
Sep 18, 2019

Is the HiSET math test hard? ›

The HiSET test takes several hours, plus it's not an easy test to pass. It is vital to be completely ready to take it on the day of your test. Effortless Math Team offers numerous free videos and lessons for the HiSET test to help test takers get prepared. Take advantage of them to maximize your score!

What is on the HiSET math test 2022? ›

The HiSET Math test has 50 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 90 minutes. Topics covered include numerical operations, measurement, geometry, data analysis, probability, statistics, and algebra. A calculator is not required, but the test center will have calculators available.

What is the minimum score to pass the HiSET? ›

HiSET scores are reported on a 1–20 score scale in 1-point increments. There is a set passing score of 8 for each of the five subtests and a combined score of 45 to pass the HiSET exam, however some states set different passing scores.

Which is harder HiSET or GED? ›

Experts say that while the tests are very similar that the HiSET math section is slightly easier to pass than the GED math section.

How to pass the HiSET test fast? ›

Test Taking Tips for the HiSET® Math Test
  1. Arrive Early. ...
  2. The Night Before Your Test. ...
  3. Don't Waste Time On Problems You Don't Know How To Do. ...
  4. Don't Leave Any Answers Blank. ...
  5. Make Sure You Don't Run Out Of Time To Fill In Guesses To The Questions At The End Of The Test. ...
  6. Focus, Focus, Focus. ...
  7. Don't Panic.

Does the HiSET test give you a diploma? ›

Passing the HiSET exam gives you a diploma that is equal to a high school diploma. The HiSET diploma can help you get a better education and improve your career opportunities.

How many times can you fail the HiSET? ›

If you fail one of the HiSET subtests, you can take that section again. You cannot take that subject test more than three times within one calendar year, and that includes the actual test and two retakes.

How many questions are on the HiSET test 2022? ›

The HiSET Science Test assesses your ability to understand, interpret, and apply scientific information. You will have 80 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions.

What percent of people pass the HiSET? ›

The HiSET pass score is based on a national study of high school juniors and seniors and indicates that 60 percent of graduating high school students would pass the HiSET exam. Your score reports show whether or not you passed. What is a scaled score?

What happens when you pass the HiSET? ›

After you pass HiSET, your high school equivalency credential will be issued by the State of California and you will receive a transcript to apply to college, start training, or get a better job.

How to pass the math test? ›

Here are some of the top tips for how to study for math exams.
  1. Start Early. Being prepared for a test starts with taking class seriously. ...
  2. Do Your Homework. ...
  3. Try a Planning Approach. ...
  4. Use Practice Tests and Exams. ...
  5. Use Flashcards. ...
  6. Practice Online. ...
  7. Try a Study Group. ...
  8. Set Rewards.

What grade level is the HiSET test? ›

And, exactly what it says on the tin, HiSET is a high school equivalency test, assessing whether or not you have a K-12 graduate's education, measuring in five sections: reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.

How long does it take to complete the HiSET? ›

The HiSET exam includes five subtests and will be about 7 hours long with the timing for each subset as follows: Language Arts – Reading is 65 minutes. Language Arts – Writing is 120 minutes. Mathematics is 90 minutes.

How do you write an essay for the HiSET test? ›

How To Write A HiSET Essay
  1. You must produce a well-written introduction.
  2. Your conclusion must be effective and strong.
  3. Your sequence of ideas must be logical.
  4. You must demonstrate an understanding of English grammar (spelling, punctuation, etc.)
  5. Your essay must be clear and properly organized.

What is a perfect score on the HiSET? ›

Each subtest contains a score ranging from 0 to 20, meaning a total score of 100 is possible. To pass the HiSET ® test, you must score at least 8 out of 20 on each subtest and a minimum of 2 out of 6 on the essay.

What is a passing score on the GED 2022? ›

Each GED test module is scored from 100-200 points. A student must score at least 145 on each of the four modules, 580 out of 800 points, to get the minimum passing grade.

Is GED faster than high school? ›

Perhaps the main difference between a GED and a diploma is the time requirement. Typically, traditional high school students need four years to complete classes and graduate. The GED is a 7-hour test; preparing for it typically takes less than a year. In most states, you can take the GED tests any time after age 16.

What is the easiest GED subject? ›

Science has actually the highest pass rate of all four GED subtests, so for many students, this is the easiest part. Reasoning through Language Arts and Social Studies have comparable pass rates, so it's safe to say that these sections are the same in difficulty range, generally speaking.

Is GED easier than high school? ›

Earning a GED is not necessarily harder than getting a high school diploma, but the process between the two is different. This means while one is not more difficult than the other to earn, one of these options may be a better fit for you and better match your study habits and goals.

What is the difference between a GED and a HiSET? ›

The GED has four testing categories, while the HISET has five. Both tests include mathematics, social studies, science, and language arts. However, the HISET breaks language arts into two categories, reading and writing. There are slight differences in the material covered within each testing category.

How many questions are on the HiSET writing test? ›

Writing: 60 multiple choice questions, 1 essay question, 120 minutes. Math: 55 multiple choice questions, 90 minutes. Science: 60 multiple choice questions, 80 minutes. Social Studies: 60 multiple choice questions, 70 minutes.

Is the HiSET exam the same as GED? ›

The Main Difference. The 5-test HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) is offered in both a computer-based and a paper-and-pencil format, while the 4-test GED needs to be done entirely on a computer in most states.

How long is the HiSET essay test? ›

The HiSET test is about 7 hours long, with the timing for each subject area as follows: Language Arts - Reading test is 65 minutes long, with 40 multiple choice questions. Language Arts - Writing test is 120 minutes long with two sections.

How many retakes does the HiSET have? ›

Retake Policy If a tester does not pass a HiSET subject test, they have two more attempts per subtest in the calendar year (January to December) to pass. If they have exhausted all three attempts allowed for each year, tester must wait until the next year to retest.

Can you use a calculator on the HiSET math test? ›

Can you use a calculator on the HiSET Math test? Yes, you can use a calculator on the Math test, but you are not allowed to bring your own. A calculator will be provided for you.

What are the 5 HiSET subjects? ›

The HiSET exam is composed of five subtests in the following subjects:
  • Language Arts — Reading.
  • Language Arts — Writing.
  • Mathematics.
  • Science.
  • Social Studies.
Sep 16, 2019

What states accept HiSET? ›

States that accept the HiSET:
  • California.
  • Colorado.
  • Hawaii.
  • Illinois.
  • Iowa.
  • Louisiana.
  • Maine.
  • Massachusetts.

What are good HiSET scores? ›

Scores of 15 and above are considered "college and career readiness". No average is required, but test takers need a total score of at least 45 from the 5 subtests.

Is a HiSET better than a diploma? ›

Passing the HiSET exam gives you a diploma that is equal to a high school diploma. The HiSET diploma can help you get a better education and improve your career opportunities.

How does HiSET compare to GED? ›

The HiSET and GED both test individuals on their knowledge of math, science, social studies and language arts. However, the HiSET has five subtests (one each for reading and writing), while the GED uses four subtests. The GED combines reading and writing into a single literacy test.

Can you go to college with a HiSET diploma? ›

Yes. Most community colleges, trade schools, and four-year colleges accept your HSE credential.

Do you get a formula sheet on the HiSET? ›

The HiSET® Math test is easier than you think. If you don't believe us, here's proof: You will have a formula sheet during the test that includes some of the formulas you'll need. So you only need to learn how to use these formulas, but you don't need to memorize them.

What happens after I pass the HiSET? ›

After you pass HiSET, your high school equivalency credential will be issued by the State of California and you will receive a transcript to apply to college, start training, or get a better job.

How many questions can you get wrong on the HiSET test? ›

To pass, a total of 45 points are required. Each section must receive a score of at least 8, with a minimum of 2 out of 6 for the essay. Unlike some HSE tests, the HiSET is scored by a human being.

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