Sheet-Pan Sausages With Caramelized Shallots and Apples Recipe (2024)

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Joel Snyder

This was a great concept. I streamlined and simplified a omitting the rosemary. The only other change I would make is just putting the sausages in with the onions and apples at the beginning. It would have meant slightly crispier sausages which is no bad thing, right? Also used three apples (golden delicious, granny smith, and fuji). Glad I did because the starch for this meal was latkes so the roasted apples did double duty and we ate them all. More sheet pan recipes please!


Granny Smith apples went to mush and the Fuji were close behind. I would roast the shallot and sausages for 30 minutes then toss in the apples for 15. Great flavor overall, but the apple mush was less than presentable. Also, I would finely chop the rosemary and not bother with sprigs. Grey Poupon worked fine in the absence of whole-grain mustard. We used hot Chicken Italian sausages and they were lovely.

Katie Rose

This was so delicious!!! Made a few changes based on wanting to use up a couple things. Used a mixture of shallots and Spanish onions and also added two sweet potatoes (peeled and chopped) at the beginning. Also added horseradish mustard rather than whole grain and a few pinches of dried thyme instead of fresh rosemary. Did not have fresh Italian sausage, so instead used Mexican chorizo and kielbasa. I added the chorizo first and then 10 to 15 minutes later the kielbasa. Wow, rich and flavorful!


Whenever tossing ingredients in oil (and herbs/seasonings) for a sheet pan recipe, I recommend doing that step in a large mixing bowl, rather than on the pan itself. It's much easier to do in a bowl and results in more evenly coated ingredients.

lasagna bote

Add more apples. Use horseradish instead of mustard. Served with crusty bread.


Just two words...parchment paper


I found these Apple Gouda Chicken Sausages at Target last week. Definitely recommend as a substitute!


This really worked for us. I added some Brussels sprouts during the second roast period so I didn’t need a vegetable side dish.

Diane St.Clair

Loved this recipe! I added sliced purple cabbage to the sheet as well and it was delicious. Even my non-veggie eater ate the cabbage and apples. Easy weeknight recipe. It’s in heavy rotation now.


Burnt the apples and shallots following recipe exactly. Would just add them when I flip the sausages and no earlier.


Delicious and versatile. I’ve made this a few times and it’s always a favorite. Have used both fresh and cured sausages. I add potatoes and let that cook about 15 minutes before adding the onions and apples then follow the recipe as written. I’ve also tossed in broccoli at the same time as the sausage. With the potatoes as a starch, it’s a complete meal all cooked on one pan.


Delicious!! Was grateful for the other cooks’ comments. I used 2 1/2 Fuji apples, sliced into larger wedges, ~1 inch. I put everything on the tray at the beginning, roasted 30 min. The shallots were a little charred, I wish I had put them in 10 min. in. The apples did *not* get mushy this way so I recommend using Fuji apples and only cooking for 30! I sliced the sausage at the beginning because we like it crispy. Served w/ Dijon mustard which was delicious, and TJ’s latkes and green beans.

Mallory Busch

Modifications:- Added a yellow onion- Added 6 cloves of smashed garlic- Threw on some bay leaves and thyme too 'cause why not?- Cooked brats instead bc brats are best - Topped those bad boys with some fennel seeds- Doubled—nearly tripled—the cooking times. Anyone else? Maybe it's just my oven


This was good and will go into our weeknight rotation. I doubled the apples and followed other reviewers advice by putting sausages in at the beginning and putting apples in towards the end. Added fennel with the apples because I had it. Easy prep and easy cleanup.


Great combination of flavors. This was a very easy weeknight dish. DO heed the warnings about the shallots possibly burning. I cooked them with apples for 10 minutes at 400 then put sausage of top of shallots to provide a barrier and let the sausage juices seep into them (I put oven up to 425 when sausages went in). And DO heed advice about using parchment paper.


Delicious dish! I added sliced potatoes 15 minutes ahead of the other ingredients, and took the sheetpan out when the sausages were at 160 degrees. Nothing burned. Some sliced red onions made the dish even better. Served with French bread; nothing else needed.


Super easy and everyone loved it. It's a vey forgiving recipe. I sliced the sausages lengthwise- used the chicken-basil sausages from Costo. Mixed the sliced sausages, apples, and shallotts all together and roasted all at once. I turned everything over at about 15-20 minutes and just kept an eye out for when things looked done. Roated sweet potatoes on the side and it was a great cold night meal.


Made this and was delicious! I tweaked the recipe based on the various comments, with the big changes as:- Mixed in a bowl- Used parchment paper- Added (cut up, red) potatoes at the start for 15 minutes- Roasted shallot and sausages for 30 minutes and then apples for 15- Also added brussell sprouts with the sausage- Just a dash of dried rosemaryHowever, the shallots didn't caramelize this way. I tried a bit of a broil, which crisped them up a bit so that helped.

Darin L

I tried it as is. it was flavorful but a little oily, possibly due to my sausages. I would reduce or even eliminate the olive oil. it would be interesting to try other vegetables too.

lindsey g.

The flavor was good but needs some significant preparation changes. My apples were complete mush before the sausages were fully browned or the onions were “done”. Next time I’ll start the onions and sausages and add apples at the end.


The apples got very mushy. Next time I will add at the end. Otherwise, a great recipe!

Marina Del Ray

So delicious! I added sliced fennel and potatoes along with the shallots and apples. Put the sausages in at the start, and they browned beautifully.


Great recipe that’s easily expanded. I used more apples & minced the rosemary for a very easy meal. Putting sausages in early is a good idea. They get extra brown & with a quick toss partway through, they were a big hit!


I doubled the apples & minced the rosemary. My family loved it! I’ll probably add the sausage at the start next time & maybe toss them once so they’re evenly brown. Very easy & tasty!


This is absolutely fantastic. I used lamb brats and it turned out better than I could have imagined. I made it exactly as written. I'm off to buy more lamb brats so I can make it again.

Bob S.

Made this several times as written.....5 stars.[ Next time I'll chunk up a sweet potato to throw in.


Made this with bratwurst, since that's what was in the freezer. I added potatoes, cut small, and briefly parboiled the sausages to bring the cooking times more into alignment. Served with a small pile of sauerkraut and extra mustard on the side, this was the snowy night dinner I've been dreaming of! Will make it again.

great weeknight meal

Per others suggestions I cooked the sausages for about 10 minutes before adding the shallots and apples. I used several different types of apples. Honey crisp held up the best. Aside from make nog the house smell nice, I didn’t think the rosemary added much. I served the mustard on the side to encourage my kiddo to try it and she loved it.


Delicious! My advice: Put everything in the oven at the same time. Also cut sausages into halves and make apple slices thicker - so sausage cooks thoroughly and the apples don’t get too mushy. Serve with salad and roasted potato wedges nicely browned. Good mustard is key. And as someone else suggested, parchment paper would really help.

Allison W

I made it the first time exactly as directed, and the flavor was great, but the apples were mush. Just made it again with some tweaks. Like the other commenters say, put the sausages in first (I used brats the second time around, and I liked the flavor better). Ten minutes later, I added the shallots and some Brussels sprouts along with the mustard, rosemary, salt, pepper, and oil. Cooked for 20 minutes. Added just one Granny Smith apple, and cooked for ten minutes more. It was perfect!

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Sheet-Pan Sausages With Caramelized Shallots and Apples Recipe (2024)
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