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For those looking to become a certified teacher in New York, the process, which is overseen by the New York Department of Education Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI), is fairly straightforward. The traditional routes to becoming a teacher in New York are described below. For information on alternatives to traditional certification in the state, see our guide to alternative teacher certification in New York.

How to Become a Teacher in New York

To become a New York teacher, a candidate must meet the requirements stipulated by the Office of Teaching Initiatives. Like most states, New York requires that all state teachers hold a bachelor’s degree, complete a New York teacher certification program, and pass the required content examinations. Upon meeting the requirements for certification, an applicant may be issued an initial certificate, which is valid for five years. This entry-level certificate leads to the professional certificate, which is an advanced level license that is continuously valid, assuming the teacher completes the appropriate number of professional development hours every five years.

The most direct, traditional route to New York teaching certification is to complete an approved teacher preparation program at a New York college or university and be recommended for certification by the certification officer at that university, which is known as an institutional recommendation. For more detailed information on the New York teacher certification renewal process, contact the OTI or continue reading.

Quick Guide

  • I want to be a teacher in New York, but don’t have a degree: Earn an Education Degree
  • I want to be a teacher and have a degree, but not in education: Learn about New York’s Alternative Certification Process and Programs
  • I have a teaching degree and am interested in more education: Learn about Master’s Degree Education Programs or Doctorate Education Programs and Information.
  • I am already certified and want to teach in another state: Learn about Teacher Certification Reciprocity.

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Finding Approved Teacher Education Programs in New York

In addition to requiring all new teachers to hold a bachelor’s degree, New York requires prospective teachers to complete an approved teacher preparation program at an accredited institution. You can find a list of approved teacher preparation programs, known as NYS Registered Programs, through the New York State Education Department. To compare key metrics for these state-approved teacher preparation programs, use the sortable table on our New York schools page.

Programs in other states that hold accreditation from one of the six regional accreditation agencies overseen by the US Department of Education may also be acceptable. New York will not issue a teacher certification to those who have not completed a program at an accredited school, so it’s best to confirm accreditation before making a decision.

Additionally, many schools seek accreditation from the national accreditation organization, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). CAEP accreditation is not mandatory for schools, but due to its highly-regarded reputation for stringent standards, most schools apply for its official accreditation.

New York Teacher Education Requirements

The minimum education requirement to earn New York teacher certification is a bachelor’s degree. Candidates should also complete an approved teacher preparation program, also known as an NYS Registered Program. However, candidates who attended teacher preparation programs out-of-state may be eligible for an educator’s certificate if the program completed is deemed comparable to an approved program in New York. Such a program may be completed as part of the candidate’s bachelor’s degree or as a post-graduate certificate or master’s program.

New York Teacher Testing Requirements

The New York Teaching and Certification Resource (3)There are several exams that are required for obtaining a teaching license in New York. The first is the Educating All Students (EAS) test, which measures direct teaching skills and knowledge. All prospective teachers must also pass the edTPA, which measures teaching performance and instructional practice. Those teaching core subjects must also pass the appropriate Content Specialty Test (CST).

Additional tests, such as the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST), the Bilingual Education Assessments (BEAs), or the Communication and Quantitative Skills Test (CQST) may be required depending on the candidate’s educational background and content area and grade level(s) to be taught. You can find more specific information through the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations website.

The New York Teaching and Certification Resource (4)

Additional New York Teacher Certification Requirements

Like all US states, New York requires that anyone applying for teacher certification in the state submit to a federal and state criminal history background check. The digital fingerprinting process should be completed through IdentoGO before sending in the teacher licensing application packet.

New York Teachers Licensing Application Process

Once all of the requirements for New York teacher certification have been completed, applicants should submit their application to the Office of Teaching Initiatives using the online TEACH portal. The office receives most applications in June, July, and August, so it’s recommended to send in all information three to four months in advance of your estimated date of employment. The required steps to obtain a New York educator certificate are as follows:

  • Verification of background clearance by the state.
  • Official transcripts showing proof of bachelor’s degree.
  • Proof of completing a teacher preparation program at an approved school.
  • Passing scores on the required examinations.
  • Completed application for teaching certification in New York.
  • Payment of non-refundable processing fees.

Visit the New York Department of Education website for further details on New York teacher certification.

New York Teacher Outlook, Salary, and Jobs

There were an estimated 2.7 million public school students enrolled in New York State’s 4,798 public schools during the 2016-2017 academic year.3 This gave New York an overall student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1 based on an estimated 209,151 public school teachers during the same time period.3

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that there will be 6,180 average annual job openings for elementary school teachers, 3,190 average annual job openings for middle school teachers, and 5,160 average annual job openings for secondary school teachers in New York from 2016 to 2026.2 In New York, elementary school teachers earn an average annual salary of $83,010, middle school teachers earn an average annual salary of $83,490, and secondary school teachers earn an average annual salary of $85,300, excluding special education.4 The New York State United Teachers federation provides further information on standards, employment opportunities, and education news of interest in the state.

TypeNumber EmployedAverage Annual Salary
Preschool Teachers30,790$48,630
Preschool Teachers, Special Education4,860$83,010
Kindergarten Teachers6,120$79,410
Elementary School Teachers82,590$83,010
Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Elementary School18,790$77,840
Middle School Teachers39,950$83,490
Middle School Teachers, Special Education10,970$83,050
Secondary School Teachers74,830$85,300
Secondary School Teachers, Special Education17,420$86,330
Secondary School Teachers, Career/Technical Education4,480$76,000

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2018.4

Teacher Shortages in New York

According to the US Department of Education Teacher Shortage Area report for 2021-2022, New York broadly has the following shortages5:

  • Career and Technical Education, 7-12
  • English as a Second Language (Bilingual Education), Pre-K-12
  • Health and Physical Fitness (Health Science), Pre-K-12
  • Language Arts (English), 7-12
  • Language Arts (Literacy), Pre-K-12
  • Science, 7-12
  • Social Studies, 7-12
  • Special Education, Pre-K-12
  • World Languages, Pre-K-12

According to the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), enrollment in the state’s teacher preparation programs has decreased by 53% since 2009.6 In addition to fewer new teachers becoming certified, the New York State Teacher Retirement System (NYSTRS) expects that about a third of current teachers could retire within the next five years.6 These two forces, among others, combine to create teacher shortages in the disciplines listed above across the state, varying by district. Districts that are more racially diverse and those with higher rates of child poverty tend to have the most trouble recruiting and retaining qualified educators.

In response to the shortage crisis, the governor of New York announced in 2022 a plan to incentivize the teaching profession and to accelerate the certification process for teachers, not only to address the current shortages but to ensure that enough teachers are in the pipeline to prevent future shortages.7 Actions planned to combat the shortages include waiving the income limit for retired teachers in order to incentivize them to rejoin the workforce; expanding alternative teacher certification programs; and accelerating the certification process to allow provisionally approved teachers to begin teaching sooner.7

New York School District Requirements

If your goal is to become a teacher in New York City, check out our How to Become a Teacher in New York City page. On this page, you can find the step-by-step process for becoming an NYC teacher, information on private and charter schools in NYC, and NYC school district contact information.

  • New York City

New York Teacher Interviews

  • Math Teacher and TEDx Speaker, Jose Vilson
  • Instructional Coach, Marisa Kaplan

The New York Teaching and Certification Resource (5)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What degree is required to teach early childhood education in New York state?

Answer: There are several requirements to become certified in early childhood education in New York State. The first requirement is to earn a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from an approved teacher preparation program in the state. The second requirement is passing the New York State Teacher Certification exams in Academic Literacy Skills and Educating All Students, as well as the Content Specialty Test – Multi-Subject: Teachers of Early Childhood and the edTPA Early Childhood. Prospective teachers must also complete the Dignity for All Students Act Workshop.

Question: How do I become a substitute teacher in New York?

Answer: Substitute teachers in New York state are not required to hold certification, and no statewide substitute teaching certificate is currently offered. Certain districts may prefer certification or candidates who are currently working towards certification. For example, the New York City Board of Education does issue a substitute license, which candidates must hold to teach on a substitute basis. For the NYC substitute license, a bachelor’s degree is required as well as nomination by a local school district. In all other districts, those who are not certified may not work as a substitute for more than 40 days in a school district per school year.

Question: How do I become a high school teacher in New York?

Answer: To become a high school teacher in New York, you must be certified by the state. This requires a bachelor’s degree and completion of a teacher preparation program. You must also pass basic skills and teaching skills tests. You also must participate in student teaching in a secondary classroom and pass a background check.

Question: How do I become a kindergarten teacher in New York?

Answer: You must be certified through the state for K-6 education to work as a kindergarten teacher in New York. Certification requirements include holding a bachelor’s degree, proof of completion of a teacher preparation program, and two student teaching experiences, as well as passing the state’s battery of exams for teacher certification.

The New York Teaching and Certification Resource (6)

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The New York Teaching and Certification Resource (2024)


How do I get certified as a teacher in NYS? ›

Apply for Your Initial Teaching Certificate in New York

Earn a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Complete a state-approved teacher preparation program. Pass required New York state teaching exams. Complete mandatory New York state child safety workshops.

Is NY getting rid of edTPA? ›

The edTPA will no longer be a certification requirement as of April 27, 2022. On that date, the edTPA safety net, edTPA Multiple Measures Review Process (MMRP), and the availability of the Conditional Initial certificate would also end, as these accommodations would no longer be needed.

How do I get CTE certified in NY? ›

Professional CTE Certification

To obtain Professional certification applicants need to have fulfilled the requirements for the initial certificates and complete an additional nine credits of pedagogical coursework in the following: Teaching Literacy Skills Methods. Instruction and/or Assessment. Classroom Management.

How long does it take to get a NYS teaching certificate? ›

Three years of teaching experience, with one year as a mentored experience; successful completion of an appropriate master's degree, and. completion of the 6-hour DASA training workshop (if not completed as a requirement for the initial certificate).

Can you teach in NY without certification? ›

New York State requires that all teachers, school leaders (administrators), and pupil personnel service providers who are employed or wish to become employed in the State's public schools hold a New York State certificate.

What is the average teacher salary in NYS? ›

How much does an Entry Level Teacher make in New York? The average Entry Level Teacher salary in New York is $45,017 as of October 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $37,601 and $54,895.

Do a lot of people fail edTPA? ›

As of 2019-2020, SIU's Teacher Education Program students have a 100% pass rate on the edTPA in nearly all subject areas since fall 2015. Special Education has a 98% pass rate (64/65 candidates), Agriculture Education has a 97% pass rate (31/32 candidates), and Physical Education's rate is 94% (16/17 candidates).

Can you graduate if you fail edTPA? ›

Most people who fail the first time pass their resubmission. Can I get my master's degree without passing the edTPA? Technically, yes. Your edTPA is part of your credentialing requirements, not your coursework requirements that determine your ability to receive a master's degree.

How common is it to fail edTPA? ›

So it follows that pass rates on the edTPA are still relatively high. Last year, 18,000 prospective teachers took the edTPA nationally, and about 72 percent scored high enough to pass. This pass rate seems more reasonable than the national pass rate for traditional licensure tests of over 90 percent.

Do colleges care about CTE courses? ›

CTE courses could even make your profile stand out in the admissions process. But most importantly, CTE can help you find your passions and professional strengths while still in high school.

What can I teach with a CTE credential? ›

The Designated Subjects CTE Teaching Credential authorizes the holder to teach in grades twelve and below and in classes organized primarily for adults, in career technical, trade or vocational courses.

How many CTE schools are in NYC? ›

Today, of the 400 public high schools in New York City, 51 are dedicated to Career and Technical Education. There are also 178 CTE programs offered in 88 traditional high schools throughout the five boroughs.

How much does a certified teacher make in NYC? ›

For 2021-22, starting salaries for teachers range from $61,070 (bachelor's degree, no prior teaching experience) to $83,972 (master's degree, eight years teaching experience, without additional coursework). New teachers with a master's degree but no prior teaching experience will earn $68,252.

Do NYS teaching certifications expire? ›

Teaching Certification Renewal

Your Professional Certificate is valid indefinitely so long as you maintain the professional development (PD) standards of the New York State Department of Education during each five-year block. This includes completing 175 hours of PD every five years.

How much is a teacher certification in New York? ›

Apply for Certification

Applying for New York teaching certification costs $50 for graduates of an NYSED-approved teacher preparation program and $100 for graduates of an alternative program. The NYSED projects a turnaround time of 16 weeks to issue new teaching certifications.

How much do NYC substitute teachers make a day? ›

Average New York City Department of Education Substitute Teacher daily pay in the United States is approximately $166, which is 43% above the national average.

How long does it take to get a teaching certificate? ›

How many years do you have to study to be a teacher? The minimum number of years to become a qualified school teacher is four years.

What states can I teach in with New York certification? ›

New York Teacher Reciprocity Agreements
ArkansasKentuckyNew Jersey
CaliforniaLouisianaNew Mexico
ColoradoMaineNorth Carolina
ConnecticutMarylandNorth Dakota
7 more rows

Who is the highest paid teacher in NY? ›

Of those, the top two made over $500,000. A Central Islip educator ranked as the highest-paid public school employee in New York. Kevin Donovan made $509,313 in 2020, which is significantly less than the top-paid educator in 2019, James Feltman who made $657,970 as an educator in the Commack School District.

What is the highest paid type of teacher? ›


When you are looking for the best-paid teaching jobs for your area of interest or specialized skill, then you may consider working as a professor in a college or university. A college professor prepares course material, teaches students in a classroom environment, and grades student work.

What state has the highest teacher salary? ›

Pennsylvania, California and New York have the highest average teacher salaries in the country, compared to all other occupations.

How do I pass edTPA first time? ›

Ace Your edTPA
  1. Read the entire handbook before you begin. ...
  2. Carefully read the prompts and answer all parts of each question. ...
  3. Practice before recording your learning segment. ...
  4. Capture every day of your learning segment. ...
  5. Don't try to be perfect. ...
  6. Focus on the students. ...
  7. Complete Task 3 BEFORE you complete Task 2.
15 Jan 2021

What is the hardest task in edTPA? ›

Task 1 is often the most difficult and time-consuming component, and many teachers get overwhelmed. Allow time for it. Michelle assures us that if you take the time to complete Task 1 properly, Task 2 will be much easier and of higher quality.

How much does edTPA cost? ›

What does the edTPA cost? The edTPA costs $300, which includes official scoring and score reporting to the candidate and to the program designated by the candidate during registration. Additional score reports are $50.

How much do you get paid to score edTPA? ›

$43,216. How accurate does $43,216 look to you?

How many times can I retake edTPA? ›

A candidate can register for only one retake at a time (either full-assessment retake or partial retake). Candidates must wait to receive scores from their last submission before they can register for another retake.

Is 45 a good edTPA score? ›

The highest score possible is 75. A score of 38 is passing, and a score of 45 is considered mastery level. I scored a 73.

What happens if you do not pass edTPA? ›

If you fail the edTPA you may select one of these options: Re-take the edTPA: You can re-take the edTPA to try to achieve a passing score. You can either re-take just one task of the edTPA or you can re-take the entire edTPA. You should consult with the SUNY Cortland edTPA advisor about the retake process.

Is 50 a good edTPA score? ›

For Elementary Education: Literacy with Mathematics Task 4 and Elementary Education: Mathematics with Literacy Task 4 (18 scoring rubrics), 44–50 score points may be used as the professional performance standard range.

What is a passing edTPA score in NY? ›

Minimum Passing Scores
Score Release Date*
FieldSeptember 2013 to December 31, 2017January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2022
Elementary Education4946
World Languages, Classical Languages3532
All Other Fields4138
27 Apr 2022

What positions get CTE the most? ›

Nearly All Football Positions Affected Show Signs of CTE

Linemen made up a majority of those tested because they make up nearly half of the players on the field. Linemen are also the most prone to head trauma because they suffer hits on nearly every play.

What are 3 benefits advantages to CTE courses? ›

CTE has been found to increase school connectedness, reduce behavioral problems related to suspensions and expulsions, and reduce dropout rates among all student groups — especially among students most at risk of dropping out.

How many CTE students are there in the US? ›

In total, some 12.3 million students are enrolled in CTE programs across the country. Their mission: To prepare students of all ages for success in college and career by helping them develop the skills, technical knowledge, academic rigor and real-world experience for high-skill, high-demand, highly successful careers.

How do I become a CTE teacher in NYC? ›

Schools Hiring a CTE Teacher

A CTE candidate must receive a nomination letter (job offer) from a school principal before they can apply for a Transitional-A Certification from NYSED. A Transitional-A certificate will only be issued by NYSED to candidates with a school nomination form.

Is CTE the same as stem? ›

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education should not be viewed as a separate enterprise from Career Technical Education (CTE).

How do I clear my CTE credentials? ›

Other Clear CTE Credential Requirements

Verify U.S. Constitution (exam/course) Verify Health for Educators Requirements, including infant, child, and adult CPR (exam/course) Verify Technology for Educators Requirements (course/advanced equivalency) Show successful completion of individualized program.

How does CTE work in schools? ›

CTE is a broad term for education that combines academic and technical skills with the knowledge and training needed to succeed in today's labor market. CTE prepares students for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies in a real-world, applied context.

What does CTE stand for in school? ›

Career and technical education (CTE) provides an important pathway to success for high school students and offers each student opportunities to personalize his or her education based on their career interests and unique learning needs.

How many NYC teachers are in the rubber room? ›

The eight city warehouses called “rubber rooms” were spaces of various sizes where up to 1,500 Department of Education employees at a time got paid their full salaries to sit around — free to read the newspaper, surf the internet, knit, chat or just doze off. Some got creative.

Are teachers in demand in NYC? ›

The state needs approximately 180,000 new teachers over the next decade to meet workforce needs.

Do NYC DoE teachers get paid over the summer? ›

The teacher gets the same amount per year regardless of whether they get it in payments over 10 months or 12 months. If the teacher gets paid over 10 months they wll have to put 15–20% of each paycheck someplace safe like a separate savings account so they have funds for the summer.

How many hours a week do NYC teachers work? ›

Our grand total is 2,200 hours, or 42 hours a week, working year-round. (This is more than most full-time employees.) Of course, I realize that many people with 40-hour-a-week jobs take work home or work more than their 40 hours. But remember, again, that teachers' contracts aren't actually for 12 months a year.

Do you need a master's degree to TEACH in NY? ›

New York State requires teachers to obtain a master's degree in teaching (or a related discipline) within five years of the completion of their initial degree. Typically, teacher education programs consist of a combination of curricula and fieldwork.

What is a Level 1 teaching assistant? ›

To work with individual children having special or particular needs, in accordance. with the child's statement where appropriate and/or groups of children as directed. by the Teacher. To provide support to the Headteacher/Teacher across a range of child centred activities to promote child development and learning.

How much does a teacher make an hour in NY? ›

How much does a Teacher make in New York? As of Nov 4, 2022, the average annual pay for a Teacher in New York is $33,078 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $15.90 an hour. This is the equivalent of $636/week or $2,756/month.

What tests do you need to take to become a teacher in NY? ›

Candidates for an initial teaching certificate must pass three main tests: the Educating All Students (EAS) exam; the edTPA; and. the Content Specialty Test(s) in their area of certification.

How do you get teacher certification? ›

Taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)

Graduates with undergraduate degrees in Education, such as Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education, and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, and their respective equivalents, are qualified to take the LET.

Are teachers well paid in New York? ›

And New York is one of the best states for teacher pay. The state ranked third in the report, with an average teacher salary of $87,738 in the 2020-2021 school year. Compared to the average salary of other jobs in New York at $70,460, teachers are paid 24.5% more.

How long is a NYS teacher certification last? ›

Full - Full licenses are valid for 4 years and are renewable. To qualify for a full license, you must also have completed an additional 60-clock hours in Professional Education through a Bureau-approved association or an additional 6 semester credits of college course work in Professional Education.

Can you become a teacher without a teaching degree NYC? ›

Individuals must have a valid teaching certificate from the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to be eligible for a permanent teaching position in our schools, but there are many different paths to fulfill those requirements.

Do teachers in NY need a master's degree? ›

The minimum education requirement to earn New York teacher certification is a bachelor's degree. Candidates should also complete an approved teacher preparation program, also known as an NYS Registered Program.

Can I get a teaching certificate without a degree? ›

So yes you can become a teacher without a degree and hold QTLS, which the government states has parity with QTS in maintained primary and secondary schools. There is however no guarantee that the schools you apply for will consider the QTLS qualification as equal to applicants holding QTS.

Can a teacher teach without a license? ›

Under Republic Act No. 7836 or the Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994, no person shall practice the teaching profession without obtaining a valid certificate of registration and professional license.

Can you become a teacher without teacher training? ›

To become a teacher, you'll need qualified teacher status (QTS) and to obtain QTS you must have a degree or a qualification equivalent to a UK degree.

What are the best certifications to have in education? ›

20 Best Certifications For Teachers
1Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)BLI
2Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)Microsoft
3Child Development Associate (CDA)CECPR
4First Aid, CPR and AED InstructorNSC
16 more rows
9 Sept 2021

What is the maximum age to become a teacher? ›

KPSC Age Limit and Age Relaxation

To apply for the teacher recruitment exam, a candidate must be between 21-42 years.

What is the salary of a teacher? ›

The monthly salary of a degree teacher in Ghana is GHS1,987.678.

Can I become a teacher at 40? ›

The short answer is: no, it's never too late to become a teacher.

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