What Does MAGA Really Mean? MAGA = Magician in Chief & Highest Level in Church of Satan Hierarchy (2023)

Maria Abramovic herself even said that Trump was the “Magician to wake-up the world”. He was literally chosen at birth(and born on a Blood Moon” as Aliester Crowley’s “Moon Child“) to be “the tip of the spear”, the one to symbolically pierce the barrier that encapsulates what it means to be human(our DNA) by overseeing the execution of the manufacturing and distribution of the snake-bite bio-weapon jabadabadoos.

MAGA is also the highest level one can ascend to in the Church of Satan. I’m surprised she didn’t include that in the piece, but otherwise a fantastic etymological decode of MAGA slogan and further verification that Trump has always been a serpentine Jesuit puppet also compromised by Israeli cash. “Make America Great Again” is a literal Satanic spell, just like the Satanic Trinity of “Baal Lucifer Moloch” that’s embedded within the “Black Lives Matter” slogan, or the “Boom Boom Boom” encoded “Build Back Better” campaign. Boom Boom Boom = 666. That’s just how they roll.

And no, I DON’T have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Just look at every other post I’ve ever made to verify. I’m simply not a blind and brain-dead Zombie.

BLM = Baal.Lucifer.Moloch | Saturn Cube Matrix, Lilith, The Boom=Solar Flare | Humans are the : PSI-BURRRR PUNKS =#THEGAME23​MATRIX
What Does MAGA Really Mean? MAGA = Magician in Chief & Highest Level in Church of Satan Hierarchy (2)
What Does MAGA Really Mean? MAGA = Magician in Chief & Highest Level in Church of Satan Hierarchy (3)

This was a good piece by Henry Makow that I found while looking for MAGA photos that goes into the Civil War that’s taking place behind the scenes: https://www.henrymakow.com/2019/01/is-civil-war-the-illuminati-en.html

Source: https://prayandbeready.wordpress.com/2020/09/23/what-does-maga-really-mean/

via Cheryl Devine Tuumalo

Yes, I’ve seen these MAGA red hats for the last four years and I’ve seen the hashtag‘#-MAGA’.

What Does MAGA Really Mean? MAGA = Magician in Chief & Highest Level in Church of Satan Hierarchy (6)
What Does MAGA Really Mean? MAGA = Magician in Chief & Highest Level in Church of Satan Hierarchy (7)

But something about seeing people sitting behind Trump having the words MAGA over their mouth, just didn’t sit right with me.And it caused me to wantto look more into not the acronym MAGA but the word itself.

The Father calls us to look with spiritual eyes.And remember it’s also called a‘MAGA Movement’.Think about the spiritual ‘Energy’ that’s taking place on both sides.Those that love and hate Trump, all this energy being put forth, satan is just feeding off of this.It’s the same with those chanting ‘Maga’as those that chanted‘Yes we can‘ for Obama.

What Does MAGA Really Mean? MAGA = Magician in Chief & Highest Level in Church of Satan Hierarchy (8)

found this interesting and wanted to share it.If you use online Dictionaries or Translators nothing in English comes up for Maga,however in different languages this is what you get…


♦Maga inLatin:Magic, Magical, Witch

♦Maga inItalian: Sorceress or Witch

♦Maga inSpanish:Magician or Wizard or Illusionist

♦Maga inPolish:Magician

♦Maga inSanskrit:Magician or Priest of the sun

Now, in English the word‘Mage’is an archaic word formagician or sorcerercoming from the Latin word,Magus/Maga, and Greek wordMagos.

♦ Etymology com….mage(n.)

magician, enchanter,” c. 1400, Englished form of Latin magus“magician, learned magician,”from Greek magos, a word used for the Persian learned and priestly class as portrayed in the Bible (said by ancient historians to have been originally the name of a Median tribe), from Old Persian magush“magician” (see magic and compare magi).An “archaic” word by late 19c. (OED), revived by fantasy games.”

With that said, once the term‘Magician’came up, I could only think of one thing,yup, that Economist magazine cover from December of 2016 called‘The world in 2017’Planet Trump,with the Tarot cards on it. Now do you think that was a coincidence?!

What Does MAGA Really Mean? MAGA = Magician in Chief & Highest Level in Church of Satan Hierarchy (9)

I have to say, Trump is a great Magician/Illusionist, he’s got most of the ‘Christians’ beguiled along with so many others.Illusionist/magicians know how to have you look at one hand while doing something else with the other. Exactly what is taking place today. We are in the mist of a huge Spiritual Battle.

It’s also interesting to note thatthe Magician tarot card is filled with much symbolism.The magician iswearing red and white,with one hand pointed to the sky, while the other hand points to the ground, as if to say “as above, so below“.Sun worship is shown as illumining the head.A golden chalice also for worship. Around the waist, the ‘Ouroboros’, is a serpent eating it’s own tail.It’s to cause destruction to it’s self and bring about rebirth, renewal. And the infinity symbol above the magician’s head represents enlightenment. Hmm!

It’s also intriguing how the media is constantly speaking about‘Trump’s Magical Thinking‘. Here are just a few headlines…

♦The MAGIC of Donald Trump –Townhall (Ben Shapiro) April 2011

Donald Trump ‘THE MAGIC MAN‘ Quotes Ben Stein and Praises Himself on Twitter Following 2018 Midterm Election -Newsweek March 2018

Trump fires back at Obama, boasts he’s got ‘MAGIC WAND’ on economy-Fox News Sept 10, 2018

♦Trump’s Policy“MAGIC WAND” Boosts Manufacturing Jobs 399% In First 26 Months Over Obama’s Last 26. -Forbes March 11, 2019

♦Bangladeshi diplomat:Trump is a ‘MAGIC MAN’, but shouldn’t build the wall -Politico April, 2019

Trump’s MAGIC is evaporating on the campaign trail. -CNN Nov 2019

And there is a lot of‘Magic‘ mocking as well, such as many teasing about the virus will‘Just Disappear’or Trump is selling‘Magic Beans’ re Goya produces.

Here’s Trump’s own Tweet…..

“Last year was the best year for American Manufacturing job growth since 1997, or 21 years. The previous administration said manufacturing will not come back to the U.S., “you would need a magic wand.”I guess I found the MAGIC WAND – and it is only getting better!”

♦Has Donald Trump’s politicalMAGICword off? -CNN June 2020

As I stated above, so many ‘Christians’ seem to be deceived by Trump.Yet a red flag should be all the‘Positive Thinking’and‘Age of Enlightenment’ talk.Once ANYONE start trying to push ‘Enlightenment’ on us, this is a huge wake up call. It’s a false light, satan’s light.

Now I already have my strong opinion about Trump, due to the fact that I know about his love for Apollo (sun god) and I believe he is a trojan horse for the Vatican.If you are unaware,Trump has in his 66th floor of the Trump Tower apt, an Apollo mural in his living room,as well as framed pictures of him. He has glass, marble and mirrors all over so that the ceiling and floors reflect, ‘as above, so below’. I will link photos in the comments.

What Does MAGA Really Mean? MAGA = Magician in Chief & Highest Level in Church of Satan Hierarchy (10)

We have to touch on HOLLYWOOD…

We all knowTrumps love for Hollywood. As an actor, he has 18 credits, as an executive producer he has 6 credits, not to mention many credits under host, subject, guest and speaker.

Just asRonald Reagan was a well-known actor, who became president and was the 1st to be inaugurated facing the Washington Monument (Obelisk). Well, what did he do, he restored full ties to the Vatican (under Pope John Paul II) after 117.

There is so much wickedness in Hollywood. The name itself is fitting.Holly was believed to have magical properties.Witches past and present use holly in their consecration and spells.And remember that in the Harry Potter movies,really holly is used as the wood in Harry’s wand.

So with all this said, I believe that MAGA means Trump is the Magician in Chief.It’s not about ‘Making America Great Again’. America will conform to the New World Order 100%. Do NOT put your trust in any man, trust and believe in the King of kings, Jesus alone. Much love!

AND For what it’s worth. I don’t vote for either side, I don’t believe in voting for the lesser of two evils, since it’s just two wings of the same bird.That does not make any sense to me. If you are a ‘Believer’ remember what the Word tells us“If possible even the very elect could be deceived.”I say you should pray and ask the Father for discernment.IF you feel led to vote then that is your choice, I’m only sharing what I see. And never forget,Satan is the most cunning, we know very well that he is playing both sides!

What Does MAGA Really Mean? MAGA = Magician in Chief & Highest Level in Church of Satan Hierarchy (11)



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