WWE: The Cavinder Twins finally reveal their future wrestling plans (2024)

Though the duo are best known for their time on the hardwood, Paul “Triple H” Levesque hopes that one day, fans will remember the Cavinder Twins, Haley and Hana, with the words “WWE Superstars” in front of their moniker.

Officially making their NXT debut at the end of the battle royal to decide on the first challenger for Tiffany Stratton’s Women’s Championship, lifting Thea Hail on theory shoulders along with the rest of the Chase U students section, the duo have not officially been scheduled for any matches and might not be for some time, as their debut match will likely garner massive viewership numbers and will likely be reserved for a premium event.

Discussing their in-ring future in an interview with The Athletic, which features an official tryout in July, the twins noted just how excited they are to be a part of the WWE Universe as NIL athletes and for the product the company is putting on-screen.

“You see it on TV, and it’s amazing. Then you get here, see the roots of it, all the physicality and skills you have to have behind it,” Hana Cavinder said.

“It embodies the entertainment side we like to showcase. It’s cool to tie us and WWE. We’re very interested in that.”

Asked about their WWE timetable, Haley Cavinder noted that they don’t have one right now but are remaining connected with the promotion moving forward.

“I don’t think we’ve talked about a timeline,” Haley Cavinder said. “We take it day by day. We came out here and we’re going to a RAW event later in July. We’re going where our feet are, understanding, getting more into it, and seeing where it takes us.”

Are the Cavinder Twins WWE bound in the not-too-distant future, or could there be more basketball in their future before jumping ship to The Fed, either at the University of Miami, or elsewhere? Either way, it’s clear the duo are very popular outside of the WWE Universe and as a result, could bring some of their following over to NXT, RAW, or SmackDown a la Logan Paul and/or Bad Bunny – albeit with a more consistent schedule – if the stars align. If the sisters can actually learn to wrestle as a tag team, which is easier said than done, WWE might really have something.

WWE has incredibly high hopes for The Cavinder Twins.

When WWE officially launched their NIL program, it was with the express commitment to finding the next generation of charismatic athletes who they could turn into marketable Superstars.

In the Cavinder Twins, the marketable part is already covered, as the duo have already racked up millions of followers on Tik Tok and millions of dollars as a result, so why not insert them into the WWE Universe and see if both parties can benefit from the improved visibility?

“We always like to say the important ability is marketability, and they have clearly demonstrated they are absolute pros,” said James Kimball, WWE’s NIL director said to ESPN back in January. “They’ve dominated the TikTok space, they’ve dominated the NIL space. So when we’re talking about launching our program and trying to create awareness, what better pairing? It’s a perfect marriage.”

Turning his attention to the future, Kimball made the obvious-yet-still-head turning comparison between the Cavinder Twins and the Bella Twins, who are arguably the company’s most popular homegrown sisterly tag team of all time.

“Talk about historical precedence,” Kimball said. “If the Cavinders ended up even close to a career of the Bella twins, I think everyone would be very happy. We’ve talked about it. That’s what we’re trying to identify. Where’s the potential? Where’s the archetype for these types of talent we’re bringing in?

“The Cavinders have a great opportunity to become something that really differentiates.”

In sports, it’s only natural to compare an unknown commodity to a known one; seemingly every draft profile for any prospect, regardless of sport, will include a comparison of some sort to a player already in the league for the sake of simplifying an expansive body of work into an easily digestible comp. While these comparisons are seldom one-for-one, as everyone is different, comparing any sisterly tag team to the Bellas is both incredibly obvious and a very high bar to clear, as the duo quite literally defined a generation of Superstars both in the ring and on reality television. Still, landing the next Bellas might just be the very gold standard by which all tag teams are compared to, and hoping that the Cavinders reach that level is only natural wishful thinking.

WWE: The Cavinder Twins finally reveal their future wrestling plans (2024)
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