All You Need To Know About The Shag Haircut (2024)

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Bored with regular and common haircuts? Want to try some new Haircut? Want to opt for the trendiest Haircut? Can you go for a new look? Well if your answer is yes than you are on the right blog, today I have come up with Shag Haircut for women that are one of the amazing and trendy haircuts recently.

With its quality of adding edgy and stylish twist to your hairstyle modern Shag Haircut has taken style to next level. It looks fantastic in any length: Long Shag Haircuts is very famous for wonderful all-over layers, while Medium Shag Haircut is trendy because of its messy styles and Short Shag Haircut is extremely sexy and sassy. You can go for this Haircut with any hair type: curly, straight, thick and fine. Shag haircut for fine hair is the idle one as it will boost your hair volume and also Shag Haircut for thick hair or curly hair is best as it will control frizz. Read my blog and know more about this haircut with a complete guide on it.

Things You Need For Shag Haircut

Hair Comb
Hair Brush
Hair Shampoo
Hair Conditioner
• Scissors
• Hair Ties
Blow Dryer

DIY Shag Haircut

Step 1: Wash your hair using Hair Shampoo to get rid of greasiness.
Step 2: Use hair Conditioner to avoid frizz and get smooth hair.
Step 3: Make sure your hair is damp and then detangle it using a Hair Brush.
Step 4: Start from the front and section out small portion of hair.
Step 5: Secure it with Hair tie.
Step 6: Repeat the same all over your crown area too.
Step 7: Leave the lower area untied.
Step 8: Decide the length you want to go for and according to the length take a Hair Comb or Brush that will be your guide.
Step 9: Start from down towards the side and remove one Hair Tie.
Step 10: Take the guide (Your Comb or Brush) and place it above the hair.
Step 11: Cut the hair that goes beyond the guide.
Step 12: Do the same with all the secured section.
Step 13: When you reach your bangs don’t use the guide.
Step 14: Make sure your bangs don’t come down till your lips or nose. Cut them a bit small. Shag haircut with bangs looks extremely sassy.
Step 15: Blow Dry your hair to give the haircut a final touch. (Optional)

DIY Shag Haircut Tutorial

I know it’s a bit confusing on how to use a hair comb or brush as a guide and how to measure it. Well, I am here with a video that will guide you how to move ahead with haircut.

Styling Shag Haircut

1. Nowadays Modern Shag Haircut is the trendiest haircut and its gives idle layers and finished edges.
2. Emphasized layers will give your haircut new life and will look amazing when styled with glamorous Makeup.
3. Thinned longer down and high layers will give you a vintage look.
4. A Bob Shag Haircut is evergreen; all those over 50 should definitely opt for it.
5. As I mentioned earlier, it looks sexy with bangs but I would add up that full bang pulls off the look like none other variation.
6. Swept back layers will give your hair good volume and great texture.
7. Add a twist to it by going for some vibrant colours. Trust me you will look absolutely stunning.
8. Try to play with this haircut while styling it with Hair Curler or Hair Straightener as per your preference.
9. Partitioning your hair also adds to how your overall look is, middle partition will look elegant with this haircut.
10. If you did Bob Shag Haircut, backcomb it at the crown area to get bounce and volume.
11. This haircut looks amazing with natural waves.
12. Messy Shag look is the best you can opt for while day or evening time events.
13. Wet look will enhance your look and surely make you stand out in crowd.
14. Side swept shag will look glamorous as it will make your shag game perfect.
15. Highlighted Shag will complete your look for any occasion.

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15 Shag Haircut Looks Every Woman Must Give A Try


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All You Need To Know About The Shag Haircut (2024)
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